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Welcome to my food blog, with a slant on cooking the best possible food, in  a gluten free way. I am Alex,32, self confessed foodie and gourmand, obsessed with great ingredients and the food of the world. I don’t really have a favourite type of food, but my cooking is definitely influenced by my mum’s early life in Italy, France and Spain.

That’s not to say that my own style and thirst for the best food hasn’t also come from my travels around Spain (including a year in Barcelona and Madrid) and visits to India, Thailand, Morocco, Italy, France and now Sydney. Which is where I now live; a food lovers paradise; here you will find  an obsession with the best coffee, the best and healthiest breakfasts imaginable and the a heavy influence of flavours coming from the orient and beyond.

Sydney is a great city for people searching for Gluten free gourmet food, as it is in a country that has a Coeliac rate of 1 in every 200, meaning that the City is well prepared for those with  a Gluten intolerance or Coeliac’s disease itself.

My goal is simple, find and cook the recipes that are memorable, not just for Coeliacs, but for anyone looking for fresh and delicious food that doesn’t have the heaviness of wheat.

Now the introductions are done, here’s the first recipe (my photography is a work in progress, but I hope you still enjoy)


February 14, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. John simms replied:

    Looks great !!!!

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